Low-Fat Baked Cheesecake Recipe

To a healthy eater, cheesecake would be the last dish they would even think about eating. Dairy content and extra toppings that are added to the cheesecake dish makes this a high calorie desert. Without a cake holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions would not be complete. 

Sugar and fat aside from the calories is harmful to the health of your heart and you will find that traditional cheesecake recipes are most of the time loaded with these. Sugar, fat, as well as calories can take away some of the happiness of eating and enjoying a dessert.
Just by cutting back on white flour and limiting the use of ingredients that have full-fat in the cheesecake you will find several ways that you can make cheesecake. The recipes create healthier substitutions that will definitely satisfy anyone's sweet tooth for cheesecake.
About Healthy Cheesecakes
Almost all cheesecakes treats are not light cooking even though the calcium in the cheesecake is good for the bone structure of the body. One example would be the New York style cheesecake recipe that calls for a great amount of cream, five eggs, two yolks and cream. Conscious, healthy individuals have a hard time admitting that cheesecakes are untouchable and off limits to be eaten.
Today you can find recipes that are the same as the traditional cheesecake recipes in texture and richness but cut fat in half. The crusts are healthy as well as the fillings in these kinds of cheesecakes. There are also other kinds of cheesecake recipes made for diabetics. These kinds of recipes are helpful to individuals who are not able to enjoy a desert after they eat their meal.
However, even though the cheesecakes are lower in fat and are safe for dieters to eat the dieters need to remember to eat the cheesecake in moderation. Dieters can limit how much cheesecake they eat by having one single slice a week. This way the dieter can still enjoy cheesecake but also be able to maintain their weight.
Cheesecake Recipe
One example of a cheesecake that is healthy is the low-fat baked cheesecake. Low-fat cream, sugar and egg substitutes are used in this cheesecake recipe. To make this recipe the ingredients you will need is:
- nine-inch reduced fat graham cracker crust
- one-fourth cup skim milk,
- one-half cup of egg substitute
- two to eight ounces of free cream cheese bars
- two tablespoons flour,
- six packets of artificial sweetener or one-fourth cup of Splenda sugar
- two teaspoon lemon juice
- one teaspoon vanilla.
The first step is to preheat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a mixer and combine the flour and milk while keeping the mixing speed at low. Gently add the cream cheese and then increase the mixing speed to medium. While still mixing, add the artificial sweetener or Splenda, egg substitute, vanilla and lemon juice. Pour the batter into the crust and bake for at least forty minutes. Wait until the cheesecake's center is set. Make sure to always remember to chill the dessert before serving